The Skinny Lebron Diet: Low-Carb, Paleo-Style Eating

Wanna lose 10+ pounds of fat in a short amount of time, and look about 10 years younger while you’re at it? That’s exactly what NBA superstar Lebron James did recently, going on a special diet in an attempt to turn himself into an even better athlete than he already is (and avoid losing more championships to the Spurs).

Losing a significant amount of weight isn’t exactly easy when you’re already a highly conditioned athlete with relatively low body fat levels. Many people don’t realize it but it’s actually much easier to lose those “first 30” than it is to lose those “last 10” lbs.

But King James managed to do it in less than 2 months, as the photo below demonstrates:

effects of Lebron James's low-carb paleo diet

Pretty dramatic results, to say the least.

So how did Lebron manage to lose the weight? By following a strict low carbohydrate, paleo-style eating plan. As Sports Illustrated put it, the diet is very similar to a “cut” diet used by bodybuilders and fitness models before shows/shoots. He told the magazine:

“I had no sugars, no dairy, I had no carbs. All I ate was meat, fish, veggies and fruit. That’s it. For 67 straight days.”

By “carbs” he obviously means grains, sugars, and processed carbohydrates. Instagram photos he posted show that he definitely ate paleolithic style meals, including healthy salads with nothing but grilled chicken, arugula, fruit, cashews, and olive oil/lemon vinaigrette dressing… with a big bowl of veggies as a side dish.

James’s progress is just a very high-profile example of how incredibly effective paleolithic (“caveman”) eating can be. It’s a surprisingly simple diet that’s really not that hard to follow. Just eat natural whole foods that haven’t been refined or processed, and avoid ones that have!

By the way, Lebron doesn’t just eat a clean diet. He also does a lot of exercise, including insane cardio conditioning drills like running full-court over and over again. The fastest fat loss always comes from a combination of diet and exercise!



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